Products - Casters, Wheels & Industrial Handling (CWIH) offers products to solve your industrial handling needs; including, casters and wheels, hand trucks, shelving and pallet racks.

  • Casters & Wheels - CWIH represents some of the biggest names in the caster and wheel industry.
    • Manufacturer - CWIH carries products from the industries highest rated companies, like Faultless, Albion, Shepherd, MedCaster, and Jarvis.
      • Faultless - Along with 110 years of experience, Faultless now offers standard product ordering online!
      • Albion - Albion Inc. is known as The Caster Expert because they design casters and wheels to meet every load requirement and application environment from furniture casters to industrial wheels; including light duty, medium duty or extra heavy duty.
      • Shepherd - Shepherd Caster Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting edge mobility solutions for a variety of OEM markets.
      • MedCaster - MedCaster offers a complete line of Healthcare Casters and Hospital Casters designed specifically for today's sophisticated and demanding medical and pharmaceutical environments.
      • Jarvis - Jarvis has the global resources and fully automated manufacturing processes to meet your needs with remarkable speed and reliability.
      • Blickle - Blickle, founded on July 1, 1953. is now one of Europe's leading wheels and casters manufacturers. Blickle wheels and casters provide maneuverability to machines and transport equipment of all kinds, including mobile scaffolds, containers, operating, laboratory and kitchen equipment, as well as forkilft trucks, aircraft maintenance equipment, cleaning and sweeping machines.
    • Type - Casters and wheels are often chosen for their application based on application and load capacity.
      • Furniture - CWIH's furniture caster and wheel offerings are light weight and appealing by design.
      • Medical - CWIH has been solving the most challenging medical mobility applications for over 50 years.
      • Specialty - CWIH understands that your needs may require a caster or wheel that is outside of the norm. We can supply specialty casters and wheels for most any application ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
      • Stainless Steel - Stainless steels unique properties make it the ideal material for a wide range of applications.
      • Light Duty - CWIH sells light duty or general duty casters that are frequently found in your everyday life.
      • Medium Duty - CWIH sells medium duty casters from the world's top manufacturers.
      • Heavy Duty - Heavy duty casters are especially designed for high weight and abusive applications
  • Hand Trucks - CWIH has been providing route distribution solutions, like hand trucks, for years.
    • Magline - CWIH has been an authorized Magliner dealer for many years.
    • B&P - CWIH represents the entire product offering from B&P.
  • Backstage Equipment - CWIH is the Backstage Equipment warehouse, showroom and retailer on the East Coast.
  • Pallet Racks - CWIH can supply pallet racks of all varieties.

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Applications - In order to promote safe practices and long caster life, CWIH provides the following guide to caster applications.

Resources - CWIH offers resources to better equip you with the knowledge to make the best decisions regarding your industrial casters and wheels, hand truck, pallet rack, shelving options and more.

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About - CWIH was founded in New York in 1959 to provide the Greater New York area with solutions to their mobility, storage and material handling needs.

  • History - The company was founded in 1959 by Alex Borsuk and Sam Glick and was known as Casters and Wheels for Industry and Industrial Handling Company, Inc.
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